Antique Ship Portholes

Ship portholes are made from many types of metal but the ones that collectors like are normally made of bronze or brass as these tend to be the best looking and most interesting type of porthole. Portholes are tough by design as they need to be able to protect a ship from the worst conditions at sea and once closed and sealed offer a watertight, airtight and if accompanied by a metal storm covers light-tight barrier to the outside world. Portholes are secured shut by tightening three or sometime four pivoting, threaded wing nut type fasteners, commonly known as “dogs.”

Porthole shape
Portholes are normally round in shape and these make great curiosities or even very nice decorative and interesting mirrors, they are also collected by enthusiasts and investors. Some older portholes are more square in shape and these are the type we like to look out for as the larger ones can be make into beautiful mirrors that can add a touch of class to a bathroom or even a front room if the porthole is large enough for the mirror not to get lost in a large room.

Side scuttle
If after searching online you do not find the porthole that is right for you try searching with the term “side scuttle” as this term is sometimes used portholes and this could mean you find a bargain on auction websites such as ebay because not many people know to search with this term therefore your competition for the porthole may be less than it would be for the more well known search terms.

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