Baltic Pine Floorboards

Baltic pine has been used to make floorboards in England since as early as 1700 and can even be found in early Georgian houses in the form of those wonderful random width boards. We like the old Baltic pine floorboards that we save and although we feel that any old wood floor should be saved there is something about the look and quality of the Baltic pine imported during the 19th Century and early 20th Century that has put us on a mission to save as much as it as we can.
Baltic wood floorboards are quite light in colour and this makes them a popular choice in buildings low in natural light or for designers looking for the Scandinavian look which seems to be much in demand at the moment. Some types have a wonderful rustic look with dark knots contrasting with the lighter background wood.

Re-sawn Baltic Pine floorboards
Baltic pine is quite a soft wood that sands easily and even if the boards have a clean face as in floorboards made by re-sawing reclaimed pine joists the softness of the Baltic pine means that the floor will soon developed a nice character as the newly exposed face receives some wear.

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