Re-sawn Pine Flooring

Re-sawn pine flooring or clean faced pine flooring as it is sometimes known is produced by taking reclaimed Victorian joists and cutting them into 2.54 cm (1 inch) thick floorboards using a band resaw. The newly formed floorboards are then run through a machine called a thicknesser to be planed to thickness needed. The width of the boards depends on the joists used and range from 6 inch up to over 10 inch wide with 7 inch boards being one of the most popular sellers here at Encore Reclamation.

The Re-sawn Process
One of the first steps for us is to check the reclaimed joists for any sign of infestation from wood worm or any kind of damage caused by rot. Once given the all clear we then have to de-nail the joists which entails searching for the nails with a metal detector and de-nailing by hand because nobody has thought this process important enough to have invented a machine that can automate this time consuming job and just one missed nail is all it takes to destroy a very expensive resaw blade. Once these jobs are completed the joists are ready to be cut into size and planed.

Finished floorboards
Re-sawn pine flooring is full of character as you will find old nail holes, knot holes and the odd mark here and there which gives the flooring a great patina, that said if patina is not your thing it is possible to remove much of it with sanding and selection. The good news is that the wood from the Victorian joists used is normally over 100 years old so it will be slow grown compared to modern pine timber and much tougher which means it will far more damage resistant than a new pine floor and far more suitable for areas subject to extensive wear and tear. To see our current stock of Re-sawn Pine Flooring please visit the flooring section of our website via the link above.

Dean working on a pine joist

Dean checking a joist before cutting into re-sawn


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