Reclaimed Oak Strip Flooring

Oak strip flooring is a high density material (approximately 0.75 g/cm³) and due to its high levels of tannin it is resistant to insect and fungal attack a property that makes it an ideal flooring material which is why oak floorboards have been one of the most popular flooring products in England for hundreds of years with recorded use from the 16th century when the oak floorboard would have been pit sawn by hand. These oak boards were cut in random lengths, widths and even thicknesses when meant the floor layers had to pack the joists below or plane the fitted boards to produce a reasonably flat surface.

Strip flooring features
Oak strip flooring is generally narrower and in shorter lengths than other reclaimed floorboards such as reclaimed pine. This makes it more suitable for adding character and definition to smaller rooms as the smaller and narrower boards help maximise the feel of space in the room in a way that 7 inch or 8 inch boards would not. Reclaimed Oak Strip Flooring is normally finer in detail than other reclaimed wood flooring with its tight invisibly nailed tongued and grooved joints and tough normally unmarked surface which once again makes it more suitable for smaller rooms where imperfections in the floorboards may stand out more.

1. Acclimatise the oak planks in the room where they are to be fitted for a minimum of 7 days.
2. Try not to sand to heavily as you will lose the wonderful patination the reclaimed oak has earned from years of use.
3. Leave a decent expansion gap under the skirting 15mm+ (more in South facing rooms with large windows).
4. Make sure a moisture barrier is placed under the flooring.
5. Although Oak Strip makes tough flooring we recommend that you place rugs or carpet runways on high traffic areas.
6. Popular dimensions: Width: 3 in (7.62cm) Length: Random Depth: 0.7 Inch (2cm)
7. Visit our reclaimed wood strip flooring section.

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